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About Alicia

With retirement, I have relocated to Lewes, DE. I have seen the growth and expansion in “the Wedding Broom industry” spurred on by TV, social networks, the election of a Black president, and new blood. All of these factors have re-inspired me to continue my passion of designing and creating wedding brooms for a variety of clients. As a result, I continue to maintain my original concept of creating custom brooms in an updated and revised website, but also to create new products which are showcased on my Etsy.com store (WeddingBroomStore).

Designing Wedding Brooms

I truly love creating these Wedding Brooms for my customers. It’s like I’m a bride all over again and in a sense, I am. I’m right there with you through the ceremony with “our” one of a kind broom. Also, many times my clients inspire me with their own ideas challenging me to meet their own creative expectations. Speaking with the Bride or Groom (yes, Gentleman, they make a great gift for your Bride) allows me to focus on the design scheme of your wedding. The brooms are crafted from the best quality silk flowers, ribbons, and accessories.

Please spend some time looking at my product gallery. This gallery is just a glimpse of what I can make for you. Since all brooms are custom made, I can change any style to match your color and flower theme. Clients often mail samples to match, and I provide pictures to expedite the approval process. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.