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Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Birmingham, AL

So, so wonderful to come across your website today.

My girlfriend just informed me that she and her husband are celebrating their Wedding Anniversary this Sunday.  I would love to get them a special gift which they both can enjoy, but couldn’t think of anything Alicia, but then remembered your brooms Alicia,

Boston, Mass

I just received the broom today and I absolutely love it.

Brooklyn, NY

My fiance & I love the broom! Thank you so much for your time and creativity, it turned out to be a perfect combination!

Brooklyn, NY

Aw I love it! It’s perfect. The colors are so beautiful.

Corning, NY

The couple loved the broom, and of course, you know, I was happy!

Decatur, IL

The broom arrived today. My fiance and I feel that it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, thank you! It has given me a lot of ideas! 

El Paso, Texas

The broom is very beautiful! Thank you for your kindness and your expert attention to my order.  Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I cannot thank you enough for expediting this order. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to customer service and a quality product. My mother fell in love with the brooms on your website.

Fort Washington, MD

I jumped up and down when I received the broom! Then, I cried! I know the bride and groom will love it!

Fredericksburg, VA

Awesome product!

Glen Burne, MD

I hope all is well. I received the broom a few hours ago, and I must tell you that I became very emotional when I say it and read the ceremony part for jumping the broom. The broom exceeded my expectations. It’s beautiful!  Thanks again.

Wishing you a blessed day

Goldsboro, NC

Thank you for the broom; it was very very pretty.

Hyattsville, MD

Your brooms are really a standout!

Las Vegas, NV

I can’t believe it is exactly what we wanted!

Lewes, DE

I wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful broom. The pictures were great!

Little Rock, AK

The broom is absolutely gorgeous!!!!  Thank you for everything!!!!

Massapequa Park, NY

Thank you, Alicia, we received the broom. We barely had the chance to open it together, and it is beautiful. Even better in person.

New York, NY

I received the Wedding Broom on Wednesday  August 21, 2019, thank you for the beautiful Broom.

Oakland, CA

The broom was beautiful. Thanks for your patience, understanding payment mix-ups and giving me a beautiful broom.

Palm Beach, Florida

She loved it!  I am meeting the bride tonight so that she can see it.  I will let you know her reaction.

Pearland, TX
Hello Alicia,
I apologize for the late response. You are correct I have been extremely busy. Not only with the wedding but also with other organizations in which I serve. 
I have opened the box and love the broom. I haven’t had a chance to show it to the bride, however, I know she will be pleased. 
Thank you again for a beautiful job. 


Plainfield, NJ

Hello Alicia, My wedding was in November. I bought a broom from you and wanted to send you a picture of it. The broom was beautiful.

Portland, OR

Good morning Alicia!  The bride was ecstatic !!!!  She and her mom couldn’t stop smiling and gushing over it!!!

Racine, WS

It was beautiful and matched perfectly with our theme and decor and colors. Thanks again

Roanoke, VA

The broom was exquisite! I will definitely pass your information along!!

San Diego, CA

The bride was so pleased!

Springdale, MD

Beautiful broom; great service and fair pricing!

Springdale, MO

I am truly pleased with the broom!

Springfield, MA

Hello, we received our broom today! Thank you, we love it. I really appreciate how easy it was to work with you!

St. Louis, MO

The matching basket and broom are beautiful! OMG, you are very talented. They are gorgeous.

Washington, DC

I was so satisfied with your last broom for my daughter’s wedding, I want to order another one for my cousin’s Washington wedding to be held on September.

Washington, DC

Thank you for your time & talent! I know my parents will love this gift. I look forward to ordering again.

West Palm Beach, FL

Yes, I got the pictures and the broom looks beautiful to me.

Yonkers, NY