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Q.  What do you mean by Natural Craft Brooms?

A.  The brooms I have used in the past are the Natural Craft Brooms that were imported from China.  As much of you may know, these brooms are no longer available so there have been broom substitutions that impact the designs (as the stitching in Philippine Brooms) or the generosity of the broom face.  I will continue to use the natural craft brooms which I treat to make them as full as possible until my inventory runs out.  When this happens, I will alert future customers to these changes.

Q.  What is a custom broom?

The client can pick any style broom, and I can adapt the broom to the colors requested.  I can also create an original broom where the client provides me with colors and flowers, and I design the broom from scratch.  While the client may like to replicate a broom, I have either due to supply substitution issues or the clients details, there are very few copies made. Asking the client to supply color samples, I also mix custom colors if retail supplies are not available.

Q.  Where do you ship?

I ship nationwide.  If the wedding is a destination wedding, I envelop the broom in bubble wrap without extra charges so it can be carried on the plane.

Q.  What is the shortest Period you can deliver a broom?

A.  If I have all supplies on hand or can use substitutes, I can usually finish the broom in one day, and, if it is a simple broom, less than one day.  The problem is shipping.  Shipping by Ground is the only practicable way to ship my brooms.  So short notice on a California destined broom is going to take 5-8 business days (5-7 days for shipping and 1 day for me to make!).

Q.  What is the shipping cost?

A.  I charge a flat rate of $20.00 no matter what the domestic shipping.  The cost covers my handling fee (customized box, peanuts or other protective shipping material, wrapping) and actual shipping and insurance costs.  The client is also given tracking information.

Q.  Where do you ship?

A.  I ship to a home or business.  I do not require a signature (UPS only) because that may complicate delivery.  I suggest that the broom be shipped to a safe and secure location until the client can pick up the broom.  So, this may be a friend or relative who is home during the day.

Q.  How is Payment Made?

A.  I am old school so I request 50% of the total cost of the deposit (include shipping costs) in check or money orders.

Q.  How much contact does the client have?

As much as wished.  I contact when deposit is received, email draft brooms, and then, when the broom is shipped.